About Us

Sick of Sarah is an all-female indie rock group that started in 2005 in Minneapolis, Minnesota. The band got its name from band member Abisha Uhl’s former roommate who always complained that she was sick of her name, which happened to be… you guessed it right! Sarah! Thus the name, Sick of Sarah.

Over the past 12 years, Sick of Sarah has released 8 albums with hit songs such as Bittersweet, Paint Like That, Kickback, and Rooftops. The band writes their own songs. Their artistic and striking music variety has their fans banging their heads while singing along to their songs. They soared to popularity and enlarged their fan base when they became the first label-backed band to release their album entitled “2205” via BitTorrent, a website that allows artists to share their music for free. Over 1.7 million copies of this album were downloaded. Sick of Sarah also received recognition as the best emerging artist during the 2008 Summerfest Music Festival. The band has gone on tours around the US and Europe and their music has reached different parts of the world.

Previously under Adamant Records, Sick of Sarah now produces their own music starting with their latest EP album, Anthem. Today, SOS continues to redefine all-girl rock music and defy chick-rock cliches’ through their continuous passion and dedication to music. The band also uses their talent to lend support to advocacies such as anti-hate and anti-bullying. Beyond their rock-edge appearance and independent attitude, lies a charming and caring nature towards their listeners and followers of rock music.

The band is composed of its original members, Abisha Uhl who does the vocals and Jessica Forsythe who plays the drums and backup vocals. Ari Applewhite who plays the guitar, Jack Swagger on guitar and vocals, and AJ Stone on bass now complete the band.