Welcome to the official website of the Sick of Sarah Band

Hello there, friends! Welcome to the official website of the Sick of Sarah Band. We decided to create this page as an extension of our music, where we can share with you not just our songs and shows, but also more about ourselves, our thoughts and ideas, and other crazy and fun stuff.

Of course, expect to be updated with our latest offerings – music videos, songs, and tour dates. Know more about the people that make the band.  You can also get exclusive treats and discounts that we have in store for our fans all year round.  Get a glimpse of how we record our songs and videos, our crazy behind-the-scene moments, some of which have been taken in our secret wooden garage door studio in Tulsa which was recently installed by a local Tulsa garage door service, and have a chance to join us in our shows. We will also explore other areas of the music industry and offer our support to fellow artists who give their best to give us quality music.

In return, we would also like to know more about you. Write to us and tell us what you think of our music or where you want to see us perform.  Give us an honest feedback and review about our albums and performances.  Share with us how our songs have touched your lives.  Tell us your experience while watching our shows.  Or just talk to us about your daily lives and we might use them as our inspiration for our next song.  Bottom line is that we would love to hear you out.

We are all united by our love for music. This is a safe haven for all of us to share our passion for music, talents, and ideas.  Through our music, we encourage you to express yourselves. Feel free to share your thoughts with us. Think of Sick of Sarah as your soul sister, talking to you about life, love, disappointments, and heartaches. But the most important message that we want to impart to you is hope. Hang in there, friends. As we have all come to know by now, it’s all better on the other side.

Sick of Sarah is SOS. SOS also stands for a call for help. The Sick of Sarah page is a place where love and understanding abound in the hope that it will raise us all to a new level of empowerment. We would like to remind everyone that we will not tolerate bullying and hate here or anywhere else. We encourage each and one of you to speak up against discrimination and oppression – whether for yourself or those around you.  Let us promote love and acceptance instead. Let us be good influences to one another.  Sick of Sarah’s songs are about our struggles in life and how we can overcome them.  With a tough attitude, raise your head up and know that you are not alone especially through difficult moments.

May the music that we make and hardships that we have been through inspire you to carry on and keep on fighting. We are all on this journey together. Cheers to the best day of our lives!

Thank you for visiting and we hope you enjoy being a part of our SOS community. Long live music!